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Eating Your Girl Right: (Yes, it’s finally being posted!)

We get at LEAST five people a day that us questions about performing oral sex on women, and if we can recommend any tips or techniques, so here’s a guide I’ve written for y’all! :)

Cunnilingus (the female version of a blowjob) is a very important skill to master since most women are absolutely CRAZY about getting eaten out, and rightfully so. (As passionate as males are about getting a blowjob, most females are the exact same way when it comes to being eaten out). Unfortunately, there are quite a few women who find that their partner really lacks in the cunnilingus department, which can, as a result, have quite a large impact on their sex life. 

There is no shame when it comes to not really knowing HOW to pleasure your woman orally, and below you’ll find a fairly long list of tips and techniques you can try the next time you decide to go down on her!

1) Using Your Tongue

You’re going to be exercising your tongue quite a bit when going down on a woman, so you need to make sure your tongue is completely relaxed. A woman’s vagina is VERY sensitive, and she won’t take kindly to you “spearing” her with a pointed tongue, as this tends to actually desensitize the vagina. Also be sure to use smooth, steady, and slow rhythmic licks. Don’t go too fast, trust me, she’ll enjoy it a lot more if you’re slow about it.

2) The Clitoris

Most women can’t handle having their clitoris stimulated with direct contact, simply because it’s extremely sensitive. When performing oral sex on her, never go to the clitoris right away. Slowly work your way towards it, making soft, gentle motions around her clitoris and NEVER use your teeth unless you’ve been told otherwise. Make varied movements while you’re working on her clitoris, like tongue flicks and kisses, and remember to be gentle.

3) Enjoy Yourself

Don’t be afraid to make some noise when going down on your girl, and make sure you make some eye contact with her. Some women go absolutely crazy when their partner is staring into their eyes while they pleasure them, and making noise like moaning or growling gently while licking her pussy can actually intensify her orgasm. Making noises and keeping eye contact with her will also show her that you’re enjoying yourself. There’s nothing better than having someone go down on you who absolutely loves performing oral sex! Make her believe that her pussy is the best thing you’ve ever tasted.

4) Be Patient

Most women won’t orgasm within the first couple minutes of stimulation by mouth. That only happens in pornos. Be patient with her, and take your time. Once you’ve found her “hot spot”, make sure you stay there and finish what you’ve started. 

5) Use Your Hands

A combination of licking/sucking and using your hands to stimulate her will have her going crazy. For example, while you’re working on her clitoris, slowly insert a finger inside the opening of her vagina, barely moving it. Never thrust your finger inside her vigorously unless she asks. This may turn her off completely and could even cause her some pain. Remember, keep your movements steady, slow, and gentle. Eating pussy is a very delicate matter!

6) Tongue-fucking

Some women like this, and some don’t, and it’s up to your partner to tell you what she’s into. Since most women are extremely sensitive when it comes to their clitoris, it’s important to switch things up a bit and start using your tongue on the opening of her “hole”, so to speak. Quickly dart your tongue around her hole, teasing her around the opening of her vagina before slipping it inside. This will excite her and will keep things interesting. 

7) Face-shaking and sucking noises

Don’t shake your face, and refrain from making sucking noises. BOTH of these are a huge turn off for most women. Instead, try telling her how good she tastes, how amazing she looks, how much you love her, what you plan on doing to her, etc. The list is endless. Don’t be afraid to talk dirty! 

8) Pay Attention to her

Let her guide you to what she likes! If you’ve found her sweet spot and she’s moaning/squirming like crazy, DON’T MOVE! She’ll probably get really pissed if you abruptly stop stimulating her once you’ve found the spot that makes her go crazy. If she asks you to go faster/harder, listen to her. If she asks you to slow it down, do it. Pay attention to her reactions, if she’s moaning, you know you’re doing something right, and don’t be afraid that she’s getting bored. If she’s bored, she won’t be moaning/enjoying herself.

9) Fingering and licking

It’s important to use a combination of fingering and licking when going down on your girl. Use your hands to spread her legs wide and use them to hold her lips apart while you lick around her pussy. Gently flick and suck her clit with your mouth and tongue, and slowly push your fingers inside her. GO SLOW AND BE GENTLE! I can’t stress this enough. 

10) The orgasm/ejaculation

Just because she has ejaculated, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop stimulating her. Once she’s orgasmed or ejaculated, be as gentle with her as ever. Think of it as “calming her down” after she has orgasmed or ejaculated, softly stroking, kissing, and sucking her pussy with your mouth and hands. 

Some fun things to try while going down on her to keep things interesting:

1) While you’re working away on her pussy (specifically the clitoris area), try spelling things out with your tongue over her pussy (the alphabet, her name, your name, etc!). If you want to get really creative and have some fun with it, try having her guess the things you’re spelling out with your tongue on her pussy.*

*NOTE: this could ruin the mood, so make sure you ask her first! 

2) Use ice cubes! Slowly circling an ice cube around her clitoris and pushing it inside her pussy while drive her absolutely crazy. 

3) Don’t get upset if she wants to use a sex toy such as a vibrator while you go down on her. Knowing when and where to use a vibrator is actually a great skill to possess, and when she gives you a sex toy to use on her, she’s putting her trust in you to use it correctly. Using your mouth in combination with a vibrator may lead to a very explosive orgasm!

The best pieces of advice you should take from this how to guide is to be patient, go slow & gentle, and LISTEN TO HER! She’ll tell you what she likes and what she doesn’t like, and if you listen to her, you’ll be considered the cunnilingus GOD! :)



**NOTE: i assumed that most of you would take into consideration that EVERY WOMAN is different and has different preferences/tastes, but apparently not. anyway, those reading this must realize that not everything I have posted in this how to guide will work for every woman. your best bet is to ask her if you’re unsure about what she likes. she won’t have an issue with guiding you!

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