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arnesto56x said: Do you have a recipe on that homemade paella?

Yeah sure!
I got the recipe from a site originally but I changed a few things to accommodate my preferences. You can keep it vegetarian or just seafood. You can add whatever you fancy, that’s the great thing about paella.

100g Chicken breast cut into 2cm pieces.
1tsp paprika
150g chorizo diced
2 garlic cloves finely chopped
6spring onions
1tsp turmeric
200g paella rice ( it doesn’t matter too much but it paella rice cooks faster)
1 red pepper
650ml stock cube (fish,chicken or vegetable)
180g raw prawns
100g peas
4 small tomatoes chopped finely.

1. Put the chicken in the paprika (I use olive oil as it is a haulier option)
2. In a deep pan, over medium heat, fry the chicken, chorizo and garlic until the chorizo has coloured and the chicken has begun to brown.
3. Add the spring onions, turmeric, paella rice and red pepper. Stir and hear for 2-3 mins until the rice has gone kinda opaque. (Personally, I don’t wait too long)
4. Add the stock. Stir gently and let it simmer for 10 mins until the rice is half cooked*. You don’t need to stir it. Add the prawns, peas and tomatoes into the pan. (On low heat)
5. Heat for a further 10 mins until the rice is fluffy and the chicken has fully cooked through.

*if you aren’t sure when the rice is half cooked. Take a little bit of it and eat it. It would look like it’s cooked but it would have some crunch to it if it’s not fully cooked.

I hope you enjoy x

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Homemade paella 😋 #paella #foods #spanish 🇪🇸
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